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Dental Extractions in Franklin Park, IL

Most of us need to at least have our wisdom teeth extracted at some point, and Shining Smiles is the perfect place to have that done in many cases. Our in-house dentist performs dental extractions in Franklin Park, IL, on both regular and wisdom teeth. We also have six offices total across this area for your convenience. We know that sometimes your pain can not wait. By making us your dentist, you don't have to go somewhere else when you need something pulled or removed. You can come to the same practice you know and trust. We use sedation dentistry for an easy, anxiety-free experience. With our techniques and equipment, you won't feel a thing.

Our dentists perform general, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery. We also offer periodontic services and much more; making us the only practice you and your family need to visit. Whatever your age or procedure, we ensure optimal comfort and complete safety through the whole visit. We customize our services to the individual needs and only recommend removing teeth when it's absolutely necessary. Though we do not have specialists at our office, we do have general dentists who are highly skilled and experienced. Often times though we can perform similar work a fraction of the cost that a specialist may charge. Our general dentists often take on cases for dental extractions and wisdom teeth removal. We provide the best care at a much more affordable rate than a specialist may be able to provide at their office. 

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Let Us Take Care of Your Tooth Removal Today

When we recommend that you have a tooth removed, it's often because either it's crowding your mouth—in the case of wisdom teeth—or it's decayed and more of a liability than an asset. That being the case, you never want to delay the procedure longer than necessary. Doing so could cause you to lose bone and gum tissue, contract a severe infection, or experience terrible pain. Making an appointment with our oral surgery team prevents all of those problems and others.

If you're having the extraction for something other than wisdom teeth removal, we can complete the treatment with one of our replacement options. We offer upper and lower dentures, permanent implants, and more. Our dentists and surgeons can consult with you to come to a consensus on the ideal choice for your needs.

Routine and Emergency After-Care

Our service to you doesn't end with the procedure. We give detailed care instructions after all of our dental extractions to help you heal quickly and properly. With plenty of rest, gauze, and a soft-food diet, most patients are back to their normal selves in a matter of days. Should the need arise, we offer emergency dental care in the rare case of complications. We pride ourselves on being there for our patients and minimizing any disruption a procedure presents to their lives.

Contact us today—we look forward to a pre-surgical consultation with you. Our oral surgeons do extractions for those in Franklin Park, Northlake, Norridge, River Grove, and Stone Park, Illinois, and the nearby neighborhoods.