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Dental Fillings in Franklin Park, IL

One of the most common and important procedures we do here at Shining Smiles is our dental fillings in Franklin Park, IL. They keep you healthy, resolve tooth issues, and stop the snowball effect so that your issue doesn't get worse and spread to other teeth and gums. Our fillings act as restoration for fixing minor or moderate tooth damage and restore the tooth's original function and structure so your smile is healthy again. We perform them gently and safely for patients of all ages to preserve their teeth as much as possible.

Our cavity fillings are recommended for damage from tooth decay like cavities, or for chipping and minor fracturing. They're also good for teeth that have worn down over time. We can combine them with sedation dentistry if necessary so you can have the dental work you need done without fear or anxiety.

What's Involved in a Filling?

At our office, a filling can be completed in just one visit. Our fillings dentist takes out the damaged and decayed part and cleans the tooth to remove any trace of it. We then fill the tooth with material that's specially shaped to match it in appearance. Finally, we harden the filling for a lasting result. We'll tell you what may have caused the damage or decay and how you can go about preventing the need for another. Once the procedure is done, you won't need to change your diet or undergo any recovery process.

Most of us need at least one of these tooth fillings during our lives, so you're definitely not alone. However, extensive problems may warrant a root canal or dental crowns instead. Consult with us to learn the best choice for your health and happiness. We'll provide a professional recommendation, followed by the necessary treatment. Once it's finished, we can maintain your dental work when you have your biannual exams with us.

How to Avoid Cavity Fillings

Taking care of your teeth and maintaining healthy oral hygiene habits is key to keeping cavities at bay. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing twice a day, eating a balanced diet, and keeping up with your cleanings all help to fight off the decay and the issues that make fillings necessary.

Above all, if you think something might be wrong with your teeth, don't wait to get in touch with us and have our fillings dentist take a look at it. Early treatment is always easier and more affordable than waiting until it's too late. Some signs to watch for that indicate you may need a filling soon include the following:

  • A Hole in the Tooth
  • A Fractured or Chipped Tooth
  • Food Getting Stuck in the Same Place
  • A Broken or Lost Filling
  • Floss Tearing in the Same Place

Woman Smiling During Dental Procedure in Franklin Park, IL

Contact us today—your next filling is just a phone call away. We take appointments for patients in Franklin Park, Northlake, Norridge, River Grove, and Stone Park, Illinois, and the bordering neighborhoods.