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There's a reason why our practice is known as Shining Smiles—that's what we ensure all of our patients have when they leave. Oral hygiene means a healthy mouth, and that starts with our dental checkups in Franklin Park, IL. We keep you and your family's teeth whiter, stronger, and infection-free with general dentistry services and biannual cleanings. If your gums or teeth are in trouble or you're experiencing problems, we may suggest more frequent visits.

To bring you the best in preventative dentistry, we offer as many services as possible in the same place. From braces to wisdom teeth removal and cosmetic work, we have it all here for you and every member of your family, including the very young and the very old. With the diverse amount of services we have and the financing opportunities that come with them, you'll never need to go anywhere else. Some of our offerings include:

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How Our Teeth Cleanings Work

The first step in getting your pearly whites looking their best is to clean them by removing any tartar or plaque. These nuisances lead to periodontal disease and tooth decay—exactly the kind of things we're here to stop. Then, we polish and floss your teeth to get anything we may have missed, as well as to give you that extra brightness. Next comes an examination for any indications of disease or damaging dental conditions. This part may involve X-rays to get a better and clearer view. By checking for problems early, we can treat them sooner and more efficiently.

Dental cleanings from us can save you a lot of money and frustration. Waiting for an issue to get worse often creates unnecessary risk of pain and can cost you more than simply preventing it or treating it early would have. We're happy to do whatever we can to ensure you receive the cleanings you need as often as you need them at a rate you can afford. Your oral health matters to us, and it shows in our services and treatments.

Contact us for further information about our services. We book appointments for families from Franklin Park, Northlake, Norridge, River Grove, and Stone Park, Illinois, and the surrounding areas.