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Orthodontics in Franklin Park, IL

One service many patients need but not many dentist offices provide is orthodontics. At Shining Smiles, we're proud to proclaim that we have the ability to offer services that you would normally have to go to an orthodontist for. We offer orthodontic services in Franklin Park, IL, to treat teens and adults. Our dentist can determine whether you or your child requires correction for crooked teeth. If so, you can have the consultation right here. We offer complete services for braces between our Franklin Park location or in our Bolingbrook location. In total, we have six locations across our area so that we can offer you the most convenient and simple experience possible while still offering the best of care.  

The procedure, cost, and length of treatment are different for each patient, but everyone can expect high-quality care. If you are looking for traditional metal braces we do offer these services at our Bolingbrook office. If you are looking for either ClearCorrect or Invisalign, we can provide those services right here in Franklin Park. We will help you to know which route to take and you can ask any questions you have during your consultation. Our staff offers instructions on how to adjust oral health habits to accommodate your treatment option. 

Teenager with Braces in Franklin Park, IL

What Are Braces For?

Besides correcting crooked teeth, we can use braces for crossbites, overbites, underbites, and gapped teeth, too. When the teeth and jaw are misaligned, they can't work together like they're supposed to, and that can cause all kinds of problems. Irregular enamel wear, severe decay, pain, and loss of bone and gum are just a few of the issues that stem from these situations, to say nothing of the cosmetic effects.

We help you avoid all of these by working to give you the best smile possible. The ideal time for braces is during the teenage years since it often means a shorter treatment, but you're never too old to correct your teeth using traditional braces or clear aligners. Get in touch with our office, and we'll be happy to discuss your options with you. We adhere to confidentiality and ensure discreetness, so no one will have to know that you're thinking about orthodontic treatment unless you tell them.

Cutting-Edge Orthodontics

At our office, we keep up with the latest technologies in the field and make them available to our patients. When these technologies are combined with our experienced team of dentists and their staff, you're sure to have everything you require. We aim to work with your needs or those of your child and offer complete services before, during, and after treatment.

When the braces or clear aligners come off, that straight smile needs a little help to stay straight. Wearing a retainer and keeping up those oral hygiene habits are the most effective ways to ensure all of that hard work doesn't go to waste. We're here to help you with both.

Contact us today. We straighten smiles for the people of Franklin Park, Northlake, Norridge, River Grove, and Stone Park, Illinois, and the nearby neighborhoods.