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Root Canals in Franklin Park, IL

Though it has an unfair reputation for being scary, you never have to fear a root canal when you have it done at Shining Smiles. This procedure is common, beneficial, and safe, requiring not much more than a dental filling. In fact, you're more likely to experience pain by avoiding it when it's necessary. If a part of your mouth is giving you trouble, make an appointment with our office right away. We'll perform your root canals in Franklin Park, IL, as soon as we can.

The process begins with an X-ray through our advanced technology. Our root canal dentist takes a look at the tooth to see the extent of the problem and then gets to work. You'll receive anesthesia for minimal discomfort before we clean out the damaged tissue and infected material. Once that's finished, our experienced dentist fills the tooth with a medicated material, seals it, and applies a permanent crown. Your mouth will function and feel better after a root canal from us, and we make an extra effort to keep you comfortable when you come in.

Woman with a Healthy Smile in Franklin Park, IL

Our Root Canal Dentists Make a Difference

Infected pulp leads to abscesses that cause intense pain and decrease your quality of life, and that's what we're here to stop. A root canal from us involves removing damaged or decayed material from the tooth, completely eradicating inflammation and infection. We get to the root of the problem and stop it in its tracks, avoiding the need for tooth removal and preventing further damage. Our dental work saves your tooth from dying while preserving its original structure and shape. Your smile will look the same as always, and your pain will be completely gone.

Experienced Endodontic Care You Can Count On

The best way to ensure a successful procedure is to arrange it through a skilled and trustworthy root canal dentist. Ours has more than two decades of experience and is gentle and careful. We've been rated among the best dentists in the Franklin Park area, and you'll see why once you get here. When you arrive at our office, you'll see that we're equipped with all of the latest tools and equipment for sedation dentistry and various procedures. You couldn't be in safer hands, and your teeth will thank you for stopping by.

Contact us when you're ready to put a stop to your oral pain. We make that possible here in Franklin Park, Northlake, Norridge, River Grove, and Stone Park, Illinois, and the nearby areas.